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  • Stainless steel body including washing and boiler tank
  • Hygenic washing tank
  • 100 racks per hour for (Rack dimensions 50x50 cm)
  • Effective drying through a high powered fan
  • 3 lt water consumption per cycle
  • Automatic, user friendly control panel
  • Continuous washing through conveyor system with dryer
  • Saves energy, detergent and water
  • Stainless steel washing arms
  • Adjustable feet for height optimization
  • Easy start-up: Single button for water filling and heating in the boiler tank
  • Electrical components and cabling according to international standards and safety regulations
  • The dishwasher is completely sealed to guarantee IPX5 water protection
  • Thermostat-controlled rinsing and washing temparatures for efficient washing
  • Non-returned - check valve system
  • Washing temperature at 55-60°C (water supply at a minimum of 2 bar and 50°C)
  • Rinsing temperature at 80-85°C (water supply at a minimum of 2 bar and 50°C)
  • Right type